We at firstmedz offer a 100 percent warranty on our products. If the product we offer is damaged or not provided on time or inaccessible to the individual who ordered it, the client will receive a full refund provided by our firm. Our guarantee is based on the request, and once our client has requested proof, the balance will return to the purchaser in the case of a partial purchase.    

firstmedz will, in the case of partial orders, will charge per the product bought by the customer. The entire process of trades, from placing an order until you get to your doorstep, typically takes between 20 and 30 days.

In case of a delay, hold, or return of this sender, a written notice is mailed to the purchaser. Suppose no notification of that kind is sent. In that case, it’s recommended to contact us via email at the refund department to ensure that the problems with the transportation of our goods are addressed and handled online promptly.

Please get in touch with the support line if you have any questions regarding the sequence to know the order’s conditions.