Terms and Conditions

firstmedz.com, along with its staff, are not responsible for any products purchased via this site.

Every customer is accountable for consulting their doctor before taking every new medicine. It is also essential to disclose all medical information, including information about their family members, medications taken in the past, and any other details which could impact the security of the drug they are taking.

Photos and images of products are only for reference. There may be packaging and pictures of the product that are different from those you’ve seen.

firstmedz.com reserves the right to deny custom orders and to cancel them at any time without notification.

The details provide on the product are intended as a general guideline only. Always follow the guidance of your doctor when utilizing the product.


You’ll be required to provide details when placing an order on firstmedz.com. We utilize SSL encryption to safeguard your solitude. SSL encryption technology is used before personal data is sent on the internet. It makes it nearly unattainable for any other somebody to steal your data. We ensure that your credit card details are securely held on our site. The database isn’t connected to our site, so it’s secure and isn’t accessible via the internet.

Shipping Policy/Orders

Shipping charges are included for all orders. The shipping cost relies on the weight and size of the medicine(s). It should take at minimum ten business days to deliver your order. Remember the time frame for shipping because of the vast amount of medicine that needs to be shipped and packaged. You should place your order in advance, so you don’t run out of medication before you receive your order.

Customs Delays

firstmedz is not liable for delays in the delivery of goods to customers. It cannot control the delays caused by Customs and delivery services. Your purchase will be brought into your country.

You agree to wait seven days before requesting a reshipment if your order arrives after the stipulated time.

Drug Policy

firstmedz.com does not offer controlled substances or narcotics such as Benzodiazepines for any of our pharmaceutical customers.